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pardon the overlap from robot journal  
the laci peterson case disgusts me to no end. death is too good for that guy. my husband and i have also decided that his parents should be tried as well. i think they've known for quite awhile that he was up to something. my favorite part is that his parents say he's innocent when he's found 30 miles from the mexican border with 10k in his pocket and clairol number 34 "sunny sandy" in his hair. lovely. here's what i say: feel like killing your spouse or children? leave. pack your bags, change your name and leave. better yet, drink some drano. the world will no doubt be better off without you.

i also do not remember pooping in junior high/high school. hmmm.

and while no one with my name was murdered, i used to be mistaken for someone that people knew. what i mean, is that i would be walking in the mall and someone would say "hey jill" and i'd say "nope. i'm lisa" and they'd say "wow. you look just like my friend jill". on two occasions the person i was mistaken for had died quite some time ago. now THAT was interesting. one girl almost fainted when she saw me, i swear to gawd.

in closing, craig bought the new coldplay cd last month. i have put him on double music probation and he is not allowed to buy ceedees for 3-5 months.

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