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sand in my ass  
i went to the outer banks (OBX for those "in the know"). it was wonderful and sunny and beachy, thank you very much for asking. we started out camping but then it got hot and buggy and rainy and it was seeming to be less of a vacation and more of a struggle to live. the campground we decided to stay at was more for RVs than it was for tents so we were an afterthought with crappy crappers and buggy, toady showers. all i ask is for a clean terlet, okay?

so the next night we checked into the dolphin motel right on nags head beach and had a lovely time in the quaint surroundings. we went to the nc aquariam in manteo and saw wonderfully scary and teethy sharks. we went to downtown manteo which has a cute little waterfront district with numerous shops and cafes. we went to jockey's ridge which is the biggest sand dune on the east coast (the term "sand dune" is deceptive - this thing is a mountain of sand. people hang glide off of it.) and we went to the wright brother's memorial which is cool cool cool. i got a little emotional thinking about these brothers achieving such an amazing dream. we also sat on the beach and drank beers and soaked up some sun, cirrhosis of the liver and skin cancer be damned!

now i'm back at crappy work. i poop on work.

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