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why do people think it's okay to toss their cigs out car windows or on the sidewalk? probably these same people wouldn't unwrap their taco bell and toss the burrito wrapper on the ground, so what makes it okay to toss a butt? are they SO environmentally educated that they know some secret biodegrading information that the rest of us don't? and speaking of smokers, why do they congregate around the front door of buildings on breaks where non-smokers have to walk by? do they think that maybe one reason some people don't smoke is the smelly smoke? why don't companies make a little shelter for the smokers to smoke in?

the amount of spam in my mailbox is growing daily. no, i do not want my penis larger. no, i'm not having septic tank problems (WHO has septic tank problems? i've never known one person to have a probs with their septic system. why all the email for septic tanks?) the best part of the spammers is that they don't even try to give themselves normal names like john smith or something. today i got an email from "frigenbinder roblee". frigenbinder. hello?

thank god american idol is over. raleigh has clay aiken fever. a local dairy farm (please note that i originally typed "fairy farm" which is very very very funny) even made an ice cream in clay's honor: clay crunch. not totally original but i wouldn't mind having an ice cream named after me. i'd name it "loopy lisa" and it would be coffee and vanilla ice creams with heath bar, chocolate chip cookie dough and brownies in it. and caramel. and oreos. and salsa. deeeee-lish.

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