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had a swell dinner and game night with nate and traci last evening. citrusy sidecars and bubbly Champagne, mango chicken quesadillas, homemade guacamole, rice with black beans and fried plantains. so delish. we played six high-energy, high-stake rounds of scattergories. and i learned a new card game called "oh hell". you can also say "crap" or "dammit" - believe me, you end up saying it a lot.

traci and i ended up questioning many of nate's scattergories answers so he has a lot of homework to do - those points are still in limbo. i can't wait to see driving directions to sumatra, nate!

craig and i went to connecticut this past weekend to see his family. we had a swell time. his parents are in a new condo after selling the house craig grew up in. the condo is swank and fun. we drove to see craig's sister and her family. below are pictures of our adorable niece and nephew. avery and i played junior scrabble and at one point she got up to go in the other room but was still talking to me: "what letter are you going to use?" she shouted. "I think the letter E!" I shouted back. after a brief pause she yelled "that's great!". nothing like affirmation from a 4 year old. justin is obsessed with nintendo game boy. i watched him play for 45min and couldn't figure out what was going on. what ever happened to tetris? we bought the kids harry potter jelly bellys which include flavors like booger, sardine, vomit, toasted marshmallow and ear wax. the gross flavs truly are gross. justin tried them all and only had to spit out black pepper - it's really spicy. avery was a little more suspicious. the bubble gum flavor put her on edge and she wouldn't try anything after that but happily shared dirt, grass and spinach flavors.

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