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welcome, 2004. welcome.  
today i saw a truck that had a sticker in the window proclaiming "if you want to run with the big dogs, quit peeing like a puppy". hmm. i don't get it. he also had a sticker of a deer and underneath it said "ditch the chick, let's go hunting". i bet he's single, gals! i also saw a pimped out caddy with gothic letters across the back reading "chihuahua". when i was in college one of my roommates really thought that word was "chee-hooa-hooa". so we used to say that she was in the "chee-hooa-hooa" sorority- CHH for those in the know.

ahhh, 2004. what to do. what to do. it's unbelivable to me that it's 2004. what happened to 2000? my husband and i were talking this weekend about how it's hard to believe we're getting older. we never thought it would happen. i'll be 30 this year and when i was younger i thought 30 was sooooooooo farrrrrrrrr away. ha! i didn't make any resolutions this year except to try to eat a little healthier and to get more exercise. i'm over the losing weight thing. i'm over the dieting and i think you should be too. have that brownie but just make sure you walk yourself everyday.

the robot year in review is wonderful and brilliant and fab. i love it. i love everything that's written on this site. i wish i had you all in my pocket and when i needed a laugh, needed a new perspective or needed a dear dear friend, i would pluck you out and for that tiny moment everything would be right in the world. sigh.

happy happy roboty new year!!

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