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ice, atkins and hey, jealousy  
nc has been coated in a lovely sheen of ice and snow. no work yesterday and no one at work today! i probably don't have to remind you that most of my co-workers have a hard time getting to work when it's 70 and sunny. they won't be in until march at this rate. i believe i said it last year and i'll say it again: it's time nc realized that this is WINTER. this is what WINTER will be like for a very long time. thus, we should get out our change purses and buy some snow plows and sanders/salters. good granny.

i am on the verge of losing my mind. if i hear, see, read, smell, etc. one more thing about the freakin' atkins diet i'm going to start stuffing donuts and crackers and pasta into people's mouths. the atikins diet works for people that don't want to make a long-term lifestyle change in eating habits, don't want to exercise and want to lose 15 pounds by friday. i am happy for the people that it works for but it can't be good eating a pound of bacon for dinner and nutrasweet-laden drinks and foods all day. perhaps if you lay off the candy bars, super-sized fast food and take the stairs every once and a while, you'd feel better and wouldn't have to add "extend-a-tabs" to your pants.

my dear nyc friend suzannah left for the peace corps earlier this week. she's been placed in africa. as my friend faith put it "i thought once we hit 22, we wouldn't have to deal with our friends leaving for the peace corps". amen, sister. suzannah's adventure has stirred some ugly emotions in me beginning with feeling like crap because i couldn't couldn't couldn't live a week without bath and body anti-bactierial soap with mosturizing beads and cetaphil lotion. that in turn made me feel like crap because i'm so material and snobby. in addition, i'm thrilled that she's off on this amazing journey but green with envy that she's found something to pursue and i remain ambivilant and undecided in life. and now i feel like crap because i'm ambivilant and indecisive. but aside from all that, i'm really happy, nervous and excited for her. most of all, i get to do something that i haven't done in forever: write a letter and send it in the mail!!!

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