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it's safe to say that we partied (and tossed pigs) like it was 1999  
i promise i won't write about EVERY raleigh robot convention. just the fun ones.

tim, nate and i met at nate's on friday evening eagerly awaiting the arrival of jason. we had lots of hazing rituals planned seeing that we were senior staffers and he's just a freshman robot. then we started exchanging stories of our contact so far with jason and started wondering if he was a loony. then we hid the knives (where only we would know where they were) and welcomed jason to the festivities. nate's wonderful, kind, adorable traci was there. we had lots of treats and drinks and then ordered meat-a-licious pizza. one thing we kept saying to each other was "your shit is really good on happyrobot". another thing we kept doing was laughing our asses off. we find each other very very very amusing.
nate had this to say:

jason is wild.

lisa is the sweetest thing...I think I have a cavity.

tim is the New King of Pop. no,... seriously.

I had a problem with my shirt being on fire and my neck swallowing my head while laughing.

pass the pigs, phase ten. games we played. beers. oh, yes. many beers.

yes, we played pass the pigs. we played phase 10 - a super fun card game that i immediately purchased over the weekend and have been badgering craig to play. we did not get through all 10 phases on friday night because the clock struck 2:30am, my hair had long ago gone flat, the king of pop was yawning and the beers were running low.

please proceed to the gallery:


lisa says: dog years!

tim and his date, nunzilla

no neck nate (with cool shirt!)

i bet you wished you lived in raleigh now, don't ya?!?!

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