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random update  
because i signed about 15 different email petitions to get the show "freaks and geeks" released on dvd, i got 15 emails this week letting me know that it's happening. yay! i loved loved loved this show. i cried more when it was cancelled than i will when "friends" is over (jesus - just make them all get married already!) if you missed the "f&g" boat well, get your grubs on the dvd. "f&g" was like "the office" if it took place in a high school in the early 80s (trust me). how could you not love a show where two best friends discuss the importance of their relationship by reminiscing about the time one helped the other dispose of some underwear after a fart became a little bit of a poo?
i have a lamp in my office so i don't have to turn on the ugly overhead lights. it has a yellow shade on it with a sun cut-out. the sun looks very much like janet's nip sheild. hmm. i call it a "lamp malfunction".
there's a dreadlocked man around town that drives a brand new VW boxy van thing. plastered on the front and back windows are red, yellow and black stickers extolling the virtues of bob marley. the words "buffalo soldier" blaze across the back. i love buffalo soldier. everytime i see him i sigh and say "oh - buffalo soldier". and then for the next 2-4 hours i jam to "buffalo soldier" in my head.
my adorable, sweet mom turned 50 this week. no, wait. i'll do the math for you: she was 19 when she had me. by the time she was 26 she had three kids. so there you go. my pops will turn 50 in august. don't think for a second that he doesn't ever let me mother forget that she's older than him. funny.
finally, here's my reading list for the coming weeks:
manuscript by craig's cousin (it's called "shaya" and it's very good)
blow fly by patricia cornwell (i like crap thrillers like that. sue me)
getting mother's body by suzan-lori parks
heartburn by nora ephron
the hills at home by nancy clark
i am madame x by gioia diliberto
i don't know how she does it by allison pearson
spygirl: true adventures as a private eye by amy gray (so cool!)

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