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confessions of a political ne'er-do-well  
here it is: i could care less. people start talking politics to me and my mind just zooms off to a land where kitties frolic with puppies and everyone wears pink bows in their hair and frappuccinos flow like water from the taps. politicians are just talking heads to me. i'm much more interested in how the first lady is going to decorate the oval office and what is being served at the first state dinner than health care reform because at least the state dinner is going to happen.

i won't even go into how i voted for clinton in '92 because i thought he was hot.

THAT being said, i vote for dems. i stood in like for three hours at unc chapel hill to vote for gore (there, again, couldn't tell you one thing al stood for, just that he stood against george and besides, how stoic to stand in line for three hours! i almost felt like i was burning my bra AND my draft card! power to the people!)

my political career isn't all that shabby either. i was senior class president. in HIGH SCHOOL. and i think the girl i ran against was disqualified for bad grades or something so i HAD to win. but i campaigned fast and furiously. the art store couldn't stock poster board and markers fast enough. so, you see - i know a little something politics. i also know how to change a tire and the oil in my car.

i really really really want NOT george to win. but subterfuge and lies and rigged polls (these are the same people that killed kennedy!) and all the crazies that live in self-built cabins will come out in droves to vote for him. after all, he opposes gay-marriage! who the hell cares about the mounting death toll of american soldiers in the east!

now that all your suspicions are confirmed and confused - the notion that i am just a girl with fluff for brains - i urge you to vote for me in november. i won't let you down.

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