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the boneyard  
as told to my friend kim via email:

craig and i have caught the house-hunting bug although we are soon returning to the renting-bug; house hunting is too nutters. last night we looked at a house that we hoped was a diamond in the rough that we could cute-up. it was a split-level which sometimes can be funky, right? anyway, this one was incredibly funky because the family room was acually the basement just re-done. off the family room was a little room that could be an office. so there's this 3x3 square cut out of the wall and there's a door in it. so the realtor's all like "let me show you this" (the realtor was like a 90 year old scarlett o'hara named dixie. dixie, i kid you not). anyway, she opens this little keebler elves door and switches on a light and it's the crawl-space that is used to access the heating system. this is totally normal in NC, except usually they are accessed from the outside. so i'm already creeped out that this one is INSIDE the house and there's this little flimsy piece of wood covering the door. here's the kicker of this INCREDIBLY long story: there was this hole in the crawl-space that was about 4 feet by 5 feet and 3 feet deep that had what looked like A PIECE OF BONE IN IT! craig i and were DYING. we are still pissing our pants about it. dixie said the hole was from some water that collected from the last hurricane but apparently she didn't notice the FEMUR that has taken up residence in the hole.

we've been laughing about it so much. last night i kept opening our closet door while saying "oh, you like stephen king novels, right? then you'll LOVE this part of the house!".

we're trying to convince ourselves that it was a piece of wood. but it sure looked like a tibia.

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