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you know how people talk about having a sweet tooth? i have sweet teeth. my entire mouth is sweet teeth. i have to physically restrain myself from eating too much candy and chocolate everyday. growing up, the veggie crisper drawer of my grandmother's fridge was filled with candy: mini candy bars, lollipops, candy candy candy. my brothers and i never held back. when my parents weren't looking, my grandmother made us load up on the goods. and they were goooooood. looking to make a peace offering to me? grab a box of chocolate - it's not cliche to me; it's just awesome. i have most of my trip to paris planned out as to what bakery and chocolate shop we'll visit throughout each day. i have many on my list. i don't expect to be eating too many veggies.

this weekend was a candy weekend. i don't know how it happened. it was just full of treats. here's what we had:

a little scharffen berger bar. soooooooooo good. you only need one little square to appease your cravings. i tried the mocha one which has little crunchies of coffee. real ground coffee. super decadent. (one teeny tiny bar was $1.59. i also saw it for $2.50 at another shop.)

JBz - these are a new concoction by jelly belly and all i could ask was "why?". they're little m&m-like candies with the jelly belly flavor on the outside and chocolate on the inside. therefore, you pick up a green one and it's green apple-chocolate. not good. not pleasant. thankfully it was just a little box of them. there they sit on my kitchen counter until craig gets so desperate for candy that he eats them. ewwww.

marie belle hot chocolate has been written about in every magazine i've picked up for the past 6 months. i think it's the packaging that makes it to popular. a little 10 oz. tin is 20 bucks. thankfully, southern season in chapel hill had single serve packets for sale. i got the aztec flavor which has cinnamon and chipotle pepper flavors. it kicked swiss miss ass. you only mix it with 1/2 cup of milk so really, it's like a decadent espresso of cocoa. yum. but i don't know about a 20 dollar tin of it...

cadbury flake bar! man, i love the flake bar. i also love the whispa bar but i don't think they make those anymore. the flake bar is just so...umm...flaky. i managed to control myself and only have a few bites yesterday. i will eat the rest today. yum.

ginger chews by the ginger people. how can you resist these little ginger characters? so cute. i bought the spicy apple chews and the ginger-peanut chews. gingery and spicy and chewy. supposed to be good for digestion and good for you. so it's practically healthy.

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