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the best teevee you're missing  
i went home for lunch today to visit with my sweet little dog and to relax in the 70 degree sun. ahhh. there is crap teevee on at lunch. this is what you missed:

the soap opera with susan lucci: a plane has crashed. simultaneously, a woman on the plane gives birth to a premature baby. in the hospital they show a baby that is in a bazillion year old incubator and the baby is supposed to be teetering on the brink of life. not only does this premie look like she is 6 months old, she weighs about 100 pounds and is just about the happiest babe i ever saw. all that occured in 2 minutes of the show.

jer-ry! jer-ry! jer-ry! (jerry springer show): "bitch, you know i was just sleepin' with you 'til i could get my man back"

who wants to become a million dollars?: hosted by one of the chicks from "the view". this show always reminds me of an snl skit where will ferrell anwers the first $100-question correctly and says "ok, regis, i'm not going to press my luck anymore. i'm going to take the 100 dollars." so. freakin'. funny.

home shopping network: hairspray is being sold by this guy with the best accent ever. it's a very simpsons-like brazilian/spanish accent. the guy keeps saying "hello?! who wants crusty hairspray? hello?!" i think it's this guy

sharon osbourne show: the. worst. show. ever. so bad that i can't divert my eyes and i end up watching 10 minutes of it. THAT being said, she was devoting her show to colon cancer awareness which is great but they promo'ed a psa with one of the backstreet boys saying "rectum". heh.

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