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dogs, kids, writer and chocochip cookies  
nate and jason came over last eve for writer-a-thon night. jason brought adorable ava and nate wooed my dog mattie into almost going home with him. our apartment isn't the best place for a kid to hang out in (although, probably to a kid it IS the best place. everything breakable and non-kid-friendly is completely accessible) but we managed to rustle up some toys for ava (or rather, she rustled them up): paper tubes formally housing incense and a package of party favor whistles. i still don't know where she found those or why i have them. guess i was planning a party in which whistles figured heavily. another popular kid-feature in our place is the dog bed. our friends mark and lela brought their son nathan over and he LOVED the friggin' dog bed. we do have the parental instinct to put a clean blanket over it, so don't freak out. but i'm telling you, the second we get a kid we're buying an extra dog bed for it - it will be the best toy ever.

i served chocolate chip cookies and homemade hot chocolate with fresh whipped cream. it was good. i sent some cookies home with nate to share with traci but i'm not sure they ever made it to her. i owe her a batch. i think i owe pony a batch from the last time i wrote about the cookies. i am mighty proud of those cookies but i know that another superior cookie exisits. my friend eric's dad (hi mr. hall!) makes possibly the best chocolate chips cookies in the world. when i would house-sit for the halls in wilmington i went so far as to tear up the floorboards looking for that secret recipe (just kidding!). so there you have it. except for the having a lot of money thing and the whole jail thing i guess i understand what's it's like to be martha stewart in a world where people are making better cookies than you.

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