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ferme la bouche!  
in announcing to each and every person i work with that i am going to paris in less than two weeks (i don't care that i blurt it out every chance i get. they tell me unsolicited crap all the time. and my going to paris has nothing to do with their vaginal births or diarrhea), no matter how many times i say "my mother-in-law grew up in paris" or "my mother-in-law is french" people still feel the need to tell me that the french are rude and that they know how to speak english but they just won't. apparently, i'm operating under the guise that i think it's rude for someone to say something about the french when i've just told them that my husband's mother IS FRENCH. am i taking crazy pills here?

craig and i have been half-heartedly looking at houses. it's pretty expensive to get something nice but still be near the city (heh. raleigh. "the city"). if you want any land at all you have to be prepared to drive 30 minutes to work in heavy traffic. also, it doesn't seem to matter what type of housing development it is (middle, upper middle, upper) there always seem to be a couple of houses where people don't know how to take care of their lawns, or someone that's decided that flourescent turquoise is THE best color for a house or they've taken their penchant for german shepards a little too far and installed two life-sized bronze staues in their front lawn. the german shepard house was in a development where houses START at $400K. we were obviously JUST window shopping. when i was growing up we just lived on a street. there were no associations to belong to. no dues to pay. it was just a bunch of streets with houses on them. and people kept their lawns nice and kept junker cars in the garage and didn't own four pitbulls. we looked at a townhouse which was nice (although craig couldn't get past the smell. old house smell) but again, the association dues were 200 dollars a month! hello! and no pool or exercise room or anything! argh!

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