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what ALIEN grew THESE?  
this week's visit to the farmer's market netted me the giantest, prettiest, yummiest green onions ever. they put the puny grocery store ones to such shame. the onion bulb is YOOGE and the green tops are about a foot and a half long. i said to craig at least three times yesterday "what ALIEN grew THESE?!" as i waved long, green onions around the house. i also got tomatoes (also known as tomaters) and a pretty little basil plant for one whole dollar. if i lived in california i bet i could get avocado at the farmer's market thereby completing my shopping list for SalsamoleŠ (SalsamoleŠ - Because Why Have Salsa and Guacamole Separate When You Can Have Lisa's SalsamoleŠ?)

There's a co-worker of mine with a hacking cough that could probably benefit from some medical attention. I'm just saying.

Speaking of medical attention, I have been having a leg problem for a few months and am finally getting things straigtened out and have to go to physical therapy a couple times a week. physical therapy means someone watching me do some stretches and then hooking me up to some electro-impulse thingies and watching my muscles twitch. great fun. i think i'm making progress but we'll see in a few weeks where i'm at. my problem might be patella tracking syndrome, the patella being the knee. it also happens that i have a bipartate patella which means that my knee fused in two places instead of growing as one piece. it happens in 1% of the population. that kind of individuality wasn't what i was acutally looking for but there you go.

get funky with the cheez whiz.

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