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i vow this summer to buy all my veggies from the farmer's market here raleigh. as far as markets go, this is a pretty big one with lots of stalls. i bought oodles of strawberries last weekend and fresh lettuce. today i bought MORE lettuce (we eat A LOT of lettuce) and the cutest, dirtiest, reddest new potatoes i have ever seen. i can't wait to boil them up and eat them with butter and salt. i bought the strawberries from a man wearing suspenders and he introduced himself to craig and i as "john farmer". no joke. he's with farmer family farms. i guess he HAD to become a farmer. i saw him today and he said i could take a couple strawberries to eat while i walked around. he said "now, i can't guarantee that you're not gonna dance around after eating those strawberries". i love that strawberry, suspender-wearin' man.

a couple weeks ago i went to a superb pig pickin' hosted by nate and some of his pals. it was a really great time. i met one of his friends who is a huge happyrobot fan. she said that when she's having a bad day she heads right over to happyrobot and it makes her day. now, i don't know about you, but that's just about as close to discovering the meaning of life as i've come in a long time. halluluja, amen and pass the cornbread.

i cemented my teetering mental health state this week by purchasing scooby snacks for the dog. this is an animal that licks walls and eats bugs - she doesn't care what you give her - so basically, i bought a box of shaggy-, scooby-, and mysery machine-shaped treats to amuse myself. the web site claims that my dog will soon be saying "zoinks! i love scooby-snacks" and all i can say is that i sure as hell hope that when she decides to talk she says "thank you for always taking such good care of me and letting me hog the bed all the time" instead of "zoinks! i love these beef and cheese flavored scooby heads".

on that note, let me wish you a happy first-friends-free-thursday in 10 years. smart asses out there might say "but lisa, haven't thursdays always been friends-free for you, you big honking loser?" to which i would reply "stuff it."

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