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boomerang cookies  
you know how "they" say that if you do something nice it comes back to you ten-fold or something along those lines? well, i sent some chocolate chippers to adina and then, my friend eric's dad sent ME some of his chocolate chip cookies! yippee! i am now trying to fanagle a way to send rich a new convertible thunderbird (i love the new design!) in platinum silver in the hopes that someone sends me one back. although, i suppose that if i had the moolah to buy one for my friend, i should have the money to buy one for myself.

if you haven't been reading "the letters of gary benchley, rock star" over at the morning news, then i really feel like it's time to re-evaluate our blogger-reader relationship and for the first time in my life, i will be able to honestly say it's YOU, not ME!

even though it's only april-going-on-may, i have chosen my official 2004 summer drink: italian sodas. seltzer water and flavored syrup mixed together with ice, preferably drunk through a straw. so dreamy. i love vanilla flavoring right now but could easily switch between hazlenut, english toffee or pink grapefruit (or whatever flavor i can find at world market). of course, this drink comes at a price: the seltzer water bought in the grocery store loses its fizz rather quickly. in some cities, you can still get seltzer water delivered but raleigh is not one of those cities. another choice is to buy a soda syphon with co2 cartridges but i'm not sure i want to commit to that just yet.

i am eagerly awaiting my copy of the second season of the office to arrive in the mail. i can't wait to see what those wacky kids are up to!!

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