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file this under: are you nuts?  
i found this job listing yesterday. it appealed to me because it was part-time. and since it was with an "erotic web site" i thought the pay might be really good and if i could just deal with a little nudity, i'd be fine. here's the descript:

Great, fun, office looking for a part time person to help keep the place running smoothly!Our fast growing team needs someone from 9am to 2pm or 3pm to handle deliveries, keep our kitchen clean, take care of our executive team, run a few errands and just make the place hum. Our company is a fast growing, elegantly done, erotic online guide featuring photo advertisements for adult entertainers. We have been in business for seven strong stable profitable years!

You would have your own beautiful space in the front of the building and would be responsible for handling most deliveries and greeting guests. But a fair amount of your time will be spent touring the building and taking care of the following areas (we have a great janitorial service but the place does need upkeep between their visits):

- loading and unloading dishwasher
- keeping coffee and ice tea fresh for team
- stocking basic supplies
- carrying out the trash (what i think: ewww!)

- checking for supplies
- keeping areas clean (what i think: ewww ewww ewww!)

Supply Cabinets
- ensuring materials available
- assisting in ordering
- watching the fax machines

Additionally, you would provide personal assistant support to the executive team. This would include:

Running errands to stores or home for forgotten items (my question: what sort of "forgotten items"?)
Picking up breakfast, lunch and/or dinner as needed

I don't even know where to begin my rant with this job but i went to their web site where they are advertising the hourly rate: $7-$8 an hour! hello? i was so insulted when i read that i almost sent in my resume with just the words "$7 - $8 an hour - are you kidding me?". the "erotic" industry makes a bazillion dollars a year!

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