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the birthday 30  
this is it folks. the weekend of the birthday 30. some thoughts:

i used to get all mishy because my birthday was in the summer and therefore i could never bring CUPCAKES to school. one year my mom and dad let me have a halloween party in october in lieu of a birthday party in august so i could properly invite all my friends from school. the theme was "wizard of oz" and my parents cut out hundreds of brick-sized pieces of yellow posterboard to make a yellow brick road in our garage. we bobbed for apples - why is bobbing for apples fun?

the one thing an august birthday IS good for is a pool party. when i got older, i had lots of those.

for one birthday, my friend stephanie bought me def leppard "hysteria" on tape and a button that said "the best way to get a flat stomach is to have someone lay on it". i think we were in 7th grade. i don't think we knew what the button really meant.

i always have chocolate chips pancakes on my birthday. always.

for my 21st birthday, my friend william's band, "rita", played their first and last concert. they rocked the proverbial house.

one of my funnest birthdays was my 24th, when lisa, erin and sven visited me in nyc for the weekend. my actual birthday night started out with mexican food, progressed to a rooftop party on my friend christian's building and ended at some bar on 8th avenue. all i remember is goldfish crackers and making up a song back at my apartment titled "my boyfriend's in seattle" and "playing" it on my guitar. in my bra and skirt. i had just met craig the week before and, well, he was in seattle. i guess i thought he was my boyfriend already.

i have never had a surprise party thrown for me, but i've thrown many. they never turn out quite as good as they do in the movies. inevitably, the birthday person feels neglected leading up to the birthday and even though they're excited to have a party, they still feel hurt. i'm sure there's some great sociological study about it. if not, there SHOULD be.

tonight: dinner; tomorrow: wrightsville beach and caffe phoenix for lunch; sunday: late lunch out with family. all weekend: presents! hee!

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