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agenda for tonight's SWIG meeting  
since rumor has it that tim might be joining nate, jason and i for a subterfuge writer's group meeting tonight, i thought i'd post the general agenda so everyone is in the know.

8pm - arrive at hip glenwood avenue coffee shop. get beer or coffee. head out to patio where a group member has snagged a great table next to the bamboo.
8:10pm - talk about day. decide whether or not jason will make a guest appearence. members might wager a friendly bet.
8:20pm - talk about books we're reading (this is an effort to steer the meeting to a more literary direction).
8:30pm - someone makes the mistake of mentioning work and lisa goes off on a tangent of hating work and not really knowing what career to pursue. she'll also mention that she's turning 30 this weekend and will probably sniffle until someone buys her some cheesecake.
8:40pm - nate will tell a story about a combine, three hookers and his mom making french toast that you're pretty sure he made up but then you realize it's just another regular story from his childhood.
9pm - beer and coffee refills.
9:10pm - lisa yells at the male group members for staring at the scantily clad girl with the big boobs that just walked by.
9:12pm - really start talking about what writing we've been working on, etc.
9:35pm - jason!
9:45pm - more writey stuff. mostly just talking about stuff we wish we'd written but someone has beaten us to the punch.
9:55pm - talk about how cool happyrobot is and how many talented writers we know.
10:10pm - someone mentions something about heading home. then someone else mentions a cool cd or book that just came out. then someone tells a story about the time they were listening to a book on tape in their convertible and a book flew into the car out of nowhere and it was THE BOOK THAT HE WAS LISTENING TO ON TAPE (ahem....nate).
10:30pm - adjourn with promises to email more writing and to write more writing, writey write mcwritester.

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