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world's longest phone survey  
yesterday i particpated in the world's longest phone survey. i've been getting quite a few phone calls for surveys usually pertaining to the election and environmental concerns and stuff like that. the survey yesterday was about local radio stations and i thought "what the hell?" and said i would take the survey. well, it lasted for 20 whole minutes and i had to expound upon my music tastes and radio listening habits. the funniest thing was that the person reading the questions was not a native english speaker - but i couldn't quite place the accent. there was a whole part of the survey where he would read groups of musicians and i would have to say whether i was familiar with the music, whether i liked the music and what local station i thought it was on. so he'd say "sheryl crow, dido and avril lavigne" and then i'd answer the questions. but it was obvious HE didn't know half these muscians because he pronounced then ALL wrong. for example, he said "REO speedwagon". not "are-eee-ooo" but "REO" as if it was all one word. REM also got the same treatment. "hootie and the blowfish" got all messed up and came out like "huttie and the blowfish". "jamiroquai" was mentioned and i had to just assume he meant "jamiroquai" and not some slick new japanese artist i didn't know. also, he named some country singers that i knew but i wasn't sure what station they were on and when i said i didn't know he was so reassuring that it was perfectly fine that i didn't know. he'd say "oh, ma'am, that's okay. that's okay" as if i was going to sob the rest of the night over not knowing on what channel tim mcgraw songs play.

twenty minutes later i was free and the radio world became a better place because of my survey.

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