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from the front lines of flu vaccinations  
i waited in line for a flu shot today. all preggers are supposed to get them even though: 1-i've never had the flu and 2-i never had the flu shot. i now predict that i will get the flu because i got the shot.

anywho, i lined up at 7:30am for a clinic that was running 9am-11am. when i got there i signed a list and was #204 for 250 available shots. at that point it was just waiting for the clinic open and shuffling in with all the grannies and grampies lined up. for them, it was social hour. i was a little disappointed there were no cocktails. at one point i had my camp chair all folded up as the line was moving and i thought it was resting on my leg but it ended up falling and hitting the man in front of me. i apologized profusely and he just laughed and said "i thought you were my ex-wife. she was always hitting me with things". that's a little glimpse into the banter all day. another guy in front of my was obsessed with a guy further along the line who he swore was behind us at the beginning of the morning. i wanted to remind him that we were in line for FLU SHOTS, not tickets to madonna's last concert. someone in front of you won't get better seats than you, sir.

i finally got my shot at 11am. flu shots don't hurt! who knew!?

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