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because being pregnant isn't enough of a change  
faithful readers will remember that craig and i moved into a new apartment near the end of november. well, a combination of my hormones and my neuroses, we decided we needed to move AGAIN. this was a for a variety of reasons. the lead-footed neighbors upstairs. the fact that the dog jumps and shakes at any noise made by said neighbors because she thinks someone is breaking in. a treadmill recently purchased by said neighbors. and the fact the said neighbors apparently cannot hold onto their toilet seat because they drop it onto the commode about 15 times a day. (thanks to william for always using the word "commode" so i was just able to properly identify the toilet part i was referring to.)

so now that i've explained that, craig and i put our house hunting skills into overdrive and decided on a house to buy. oh, but wait, it gets crazier. the house isn't built yet! we only chose a piece of land. the house will be ready in five months. oh, but wait! until then, we're moving in with my parents in the new house that they just built. yes. we've completely gone bonkers.

anyway, we're not techically "getting a house built". we get to choose the design and some little things here and there like carpet and cabinets and exterior colors. the nicest thing is that the lot is almost an acre and a half. we can have the entire happyrobot staff camped out on it and we wouldn't even be squished. the downside is that it's in the country and you pass chickens and goats on the way out to it. if rich was coming to visit i could probably rustle up a bobcat or cougar if he wanted.

because being pregnant isn't enough of a change. we're getting a real, live house!

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