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t-minus 4 weeks, t-minus 5 weeks & puppies  
4 weeks until my last day of work! april 8th! yahoooooie! i am SO excited. as those in the know will tell you, i've basically complained about every job i've held since 1996 (it's only been about 6 - not too bad). most would agree that i always had weird things going on at work with plenty to complain about. anywho, i will soon embark on a new career of diapering, feeding, house cleaning, dinner making, gardening the hell out of my yard, and catching up on whether or not belle and shawn will finally do it and just get it over with on days of our lives. sure, i realize that day two of motherhood will have me complaining about THAT job, but i am so excited to be only responsible for myself and my little family that i am jumping out of my seat.

5 weeks until baby tee's due date. i have been giving her a pep talk that march would be a LOVELY month to be born in but i don't think she's going to budge. although, if hiccups were any indication of her listening to me, she listens ALL THE TIME. hiccups are just as annoying (but somewhat more adorable) inside your gut as they are when YOU have them yourself.

in other news, we have some new additions to the family: my brother jim adopted a pound puppy - her name is twix (call her "twixie", it drives him crazy!) and my brother gary and his girlfriend adopted a pound puppy named "ebony". (go ahead and sing the stevie wonder-paul mccartney song - you know you want to.) they are both cute little furballs, all puppy-like and goofy. pics to be posted soon!

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