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spend-as-much-as-i-can week (sorry, pony)  
while pony is being vigilant and thrifty, i find myself spending as much as i can in preparations for a new house and a new baby. the week thus far,

appliances - luckily my dear sweet saint parents offered to buy us the appliances we needed for the new house (they come with some of them, not all of them). on order are a brand spanking gorgeously new fridge (two-sided with water and ice on the door!), a washer (to go with the new dryer my parents bought us a few months ago) and an over the oven, under the cabinets microwave (no more scrunching it onto a counter!).

baby stuff - richard scary's the best word book ever. it truly IS the best word book ever. i am gearing up to replace my demolished copy of cars and trucks and things that go very soon (didn't you spend hours with your momma looking for the little goldbug on each page?). i also bought littlewalks new york to show baby tee where her mom and dad met, fell in love and got engaged.

nursing bra - ugh. i can't even tell you how gigantic and un-cute this thing is. it's currenly flying in surrender over my parent's house. despite what all the books say, i am only buying one of these suckers because i can't stand spending the money on something so ugly. you CAN buy cute ones but they cost so much that i just can't justify spending SO much money on something i won't wear forever. i suppose i might have to get another one but time will tell.

shower curtain - i am always on the lookout for a cute shower curtain. found one at target for pretty cheap.

sneakers - these cool crazy slip-on sneakers. actually, i had a gift certificate to the new balance store from christmas so i finally decided to use it. frivilous, but comfy. plus, i didn't have to pitch in any money toward them - so that's good, right?

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