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preggers update #57  
two baby showers in one week. baby tee officially has more stuff than craig and i. more clothes, more toys, more acoutrements. we're cutting ourselves off from the acoutrements for now - no more baby stuff until she gets here and we decide we need whatever it is we don't have (a jogging stroller, a regular stroller and an umbrella stroller? sure!)

craig and i took our labor and birth education class at the hospital this past weekend. we opted for the intensive weekend class over the 5 week, two hour a week, class. i thought the class was okay. it's taught by a doula who was a little heavy handed on the natural childbirth, no induction, no c-section info. luckily, our class happened to have a brilliant, recently graduated anetesiaologist from unc chapel hill who gave us a ton of smart info on meds. i always knew i was going the med route but was happy to get extra info. call it what you like: i'm not interested in the experience of labor - i just want to get my hands on that little babe! so whenever people ask what my plans are for labor i tell them that i'd like to labor at home for as long as possible (why walk around the hospital when i can walk around my house?) and i plan on getting the epidurel as soon as i walk in the labor and birth ward. i'll try to be superwoman the other 363 and half days of the year.

we had some real touchy-feely couples in our class. almost to the point of when we were on the floor "meditating" through a fake contraction (yes, craig and i were had tears in our eyes from laughing so hard) i thought this one couple might be making ANOTHER baby.

we got to tour the hospital and it's a really nice birth place. it looks more like a hotel than hospital and basically, you call the shots. the baby stays with you the whole time after she's born and you decide when to change her and when to feed her. plus, they have little fridges in the room, perfect for those teeny bottles of champagne.

a final word on the breastfeeding and natural childbirth nazis: i don't like any opinion that becomes overbearing enough to exclude people. i have a friend that ended up having a c-section AND found out the breastfeeding just wasn't working for her so between the childbirth classes and all the stupid magazine articles these days, you would think she was a terrible mother and less of a woman. i think nine months of pregnancy is enough of a challenge and if you have the guts to bring a child into this insane, insane, beautiful world then that already makes you an amazing woman and mother. so there.

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