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motherhood is kicking my ass!  
there. i admit it. i'm 30, i have a college degree, i lived in nyc and motherhood is kicking my ass. i keep telling myself that it's only been two weeks but then i start thinking about how people have 10 kids at the age of 20 and then i realize that two weeks is NOTHING.

anywho, i am alive and ella is alive. i only had the baby blues for a week. and by blues i mean i would just sit there and cry for no reason or cry over shows like tlc's "a makeover story". i have changed 47,000 diapers. craig has changed 48,000. i have breastfeed 68,000 times (and it shows: ella gained a pound and a half in two weeks!), i have lost 15 pounds (okay, okay, that doesn't really count since it was a lot of baby and water weight).

ella's M.O. is that she waits until you have the clean diaper on her to let out a huge-gantic fart and then poops. she also has been known to pee like a boy when you take the diaper off. i didn't know little girls could get a stream a pee on the wall.

aside from that, she's smart and sooooo cute and soooo good. have i mentioned how cute she is? she is so funny too. she wears funny onsies with ducks and cows on them with the words "quackers and milk" all over them. she will eat your chin when she gets really hungry. her farts shake the crib.

craig, of course, has been my saving grace as he will get up and change her in the middle of the night and let me have three extra minutes of sleep before feeding her. one night he just exclaimed to no one in particular "this kid is 60% monkey!" and i have been laughing ever since.

in a nutshell, in two weeks i have learned to appreciate my mother a million times more than i ever thought possible and i have been humbles beyond belief by this tiny little peach of a baby.

we move into our house this weekend (oh, no, i'm not stressed at all - har har). we are entering this century and getting HIGH SPEED INTERNET so i will soon post so many photos of my sweet girl that you will all throw up for 24 hours straight. i miss you all - i haven't read anything on happyrobot in two weeks - i'm starved for your brilliance! thankfully, the new yorker can be rolled up and easily read while breastfeeding otherwise most of my brains would've already leaked out of my head.

ta ta for now!

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