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last day!  
tomorrow, friday april 8th, is my last day of working "outside the home". i have to add the "outside the home" part because, duh, don't you know? i'll be a working mother soon. i am really excited to be wrapping up my time with this company althought i don't think it's totally hit me just yet because, duh, don't you know? i have a lot on my mind what with an impending BIRTH and all.

i've had a goal in mind for quite some time now of my next "job" being one where i don't need a resume and i don't have to really interview for it yet i make enough of a living (monetary-wise) from it. but i am happy that at least for a year i am going to be taking care of this little family and having no responsibilites other than making sure that everyone in my house (and those that cross its threshold) has clean clothes (that's right, when you visit me i will make you remove whatever clothing you have on and give you something that is clean. even if it's pink-striped and doesn't fit you so well), is well-fed and has the occasional chocolate chip cookie to gnaw on. plus i might throw in some reading,writing and yardwork. and dog walking. and emailing.

plus, it doesn't hurt that i've saved up enough leave to be paid for the next two and half months. yay me!

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