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gettin' busted by the fuzz  
so i got pulled over the other day, nine months preggers and on my way home from an OB appointment. hello. i have to make the disclaimer that i made to my family when telling this story: i did not end up getting a ticket but i think it's truly a strange story.

so i'm driving down a road that has a posted speed limit of 45. coming towards me in the opposite direction is a police car with his lights flashing and the officer is waving me over to the side of the road. so i think, okay, he wants to make an emergency u-turn and get me out of the way, right? no, actually, he wants to pull me over. that's right, folks, i got pulled over FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD. i didn't think it was possible, but i guess it is.

the officer comes up to the car and says that he clocked me doing SIXTY miles an hour in a 45. now, at this point, i am completely incredulous. i didn't even have to fake innocence because i can't believe i was going that fast. i just kept saying "really?! 60? i did not think i was doing that fast. wow. i've never gotten a ticket before - 60 in a 45?!". so he takes my license and comes back and says "yup, you're right. you're record is clean" and i'm thinking "I KNOW. i just told you that." and then he says that if i was going SIXTY-ONE, he would've had to give me a ticket but because my record is clean i am free to go. then, we bid our farewells.

the whole ride home and ever since that afternoon i've kept a close eye on my speed and there are times when i really think i'm cruising and i look down and i'm only doing 50.

now, a couple people mentioned that those radar things work only when stationary. or perhaps it's only legal when the cop isn't moving? i don't know. either way it was very strange.

so today's lesson is that you CAN get pulled over when a copper is on the other side of the road, driving toward you.

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