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› Sunday 3/27/2005
Road Dust:  "Why Lie? I Need a Beer"
Solstice:  The Sister
Learning to Fall:  like christmas.
› Monday 3/28/2005
Ornithopter:  The Great Emancipator
Poop Beetle:  We had a nice easter
Nutshell Kingdom:  mute mythologies
Learning to Fall:  the huns.
Pony:  Synaethesia
Solstice:  easter Sunday ARIES rising up and partay-ing
Road Dust:  Day One, Rising to the Challenge
› Tuesday 3/29/2005
Solstice:  Pony Surprise I love you
Cootie Girl:  4 words 4 pony
Robot Journal:  Four Years of Pony
Poop Beetle:  Things about Pony randomly arranged into 4
Lisa Says:  pony pone mcponester
Tim!Top Four Recollections of Ponies, and Then One More
Nutshell Kingdom:  They ALL Read Pony
The Wrong Squid:  Poe Knee
Honky Cracker:  This is a Song about a Super Hero Named Pony
Ornithopter:  Four Things About Ponies I Have Known
Learning to Fall:  a pony.
elanamatic:  p.o.n.y.
Art Colony:  crystal-eyed pony
Pony:  4th Ponyversary
Tropical Depression:  on inspiration and collective love
Sunshine Jen:  pony Pony pony Pony
Road Dust:  It's been great reading you, Pony
Robot Journal:  The collected posts of Pony-versary
› Wednesday 3/30/2005
Dog Years:  if i am the squirrel at the birdfeeder
Nutshell Kingdom:  I am older than I have ever been
Learning to Fall:  milk 'em.
Art Colony:  nervous tension!
Sunshine Jen:  Peep Cellar
Solstice:  How K-Mart Changed My Life
› Thursday 3/31/2005
Road Dust:  Days 2 and 3, You Might Be a Writer If
Tropical Depression:  all-you-can-eat useless information
Art Colony:  chased by a man with a switchblade
elanamatic:  del
Learning to Fall:  red exes.
Nutshell Kingdom:  Last Day Restless Blues
Pony:  Undo!
Tropical Depression:  easter potatoes
Nutshell Kingdom:  Tomorrow's Poetry (I'll be absent) - Happy Poetry Month!
elanamatic:  I dream in Buffy
› Friday 4/1/2005
Solstice:  It's Stripey's Birthday
Lisa Says:  gettin' busted by the fuzz
Art Colony:  today is my younger sister's birthday
Film and Television Rights:  Self-Portrait, on Stage
Learning to Fall:  shiner.
Nutshell Kingdom:  Post-Easter Nightmare Hypochondriac Poem
Robot Journal:  The dreaded upside-down virus
Pony:  Spacey awards
Dog Years:  I wish my mind did not roll at the speed of my wheels
Poop Beetle:  yesterday- I mention Terri Schiavo briefly here
› Saturday 4/2/2005
Road Dust:  I Can Fight This Feeling
Film and Television Rights:  Self-Portrait as Helen, Exiled in Egypt
Art Colony:  open windows
Adult Content:  Neil Young
Adult Content:  Tushy Tupperware
Tropical Depression:  Happy Poetry Month
Learning to Fall:  no lies.

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