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the view from here  
remember when i gave birth to a 7lb, 6oz baby a while back? well, she's now weighing in at 12 pounds! and she's 23 and half inches "tall". and look at that gut! she's growing ever more cute everyday and her cute little personality is beginning to shine. but really, LOOK AT THAT GUT! we are currently working on nap times, sleeping through the night and giving up night feedings so i can sleep like a normal person again. or at least sleep more than three hours at any given time.

when i'm not changing diapers or doing laundry or eating bon-bons, i'm doing house things. here's a pic of our new house!:

three bed, two bath, huge kitchen and huge garage - i'm talking abnormally huge. you could easily park three honda civics in there. craig would live in the garage if he could he loves it so much. he has bought lots of power tools to store in the garage. it smells like a garage. the tree in the lower right hand corner is a weeping cherry currently being ravaged to death by japanese beetles. i have to spray it with horrible earth killing insecticide every 10 minutes or the beetles will win. my parents bought us that tree as a gift when ella was born. i hope it makes it to spring and blooms those pretty cherry tree blossoms.

a couple of other notes: see the fern on the right hanging from our porch? in it is a nest made by a house finch and her mate and it has three little speckled eggs. soon we'll be godparents to some baby house finches. they have a really beautiful song.

under our bedroom window (the big window on the left), there lives charlie t. charlie t. is a eastern box turtle that has taken up residence (sans rent) in our pine straw, presumbly waiting out the dry spell we've been having. maybe once cindy and dennis hit and it rains for two weeks, charlie t. will make his way to the stream that runs along the side of our house.

finally, in the backyard i have a bird feeder that feeds cardinals, carolina wrens, sparrows, goldfinches, tufted tit mice (hee hee) for about an hour before a gang of 6 squirrels shows up and wrecks everything. the damn squirrels! everyonce in a while i'll look outside and see one of them hanging from the feeder by his TEETH and the rest are on the ground showering in a spray of birdseed. soon, craig will have our yard fenced in and mattie will rule the roost banishing squirrels forever.

(p.s. that's the earth killing s.u.v craig bought me before ella arrived. every time i drive it i feel like i'm clubbing a baby seal. luckily i don't drive it too often anymore since i don't commute. but still. we own a house AND an s.u.v.)

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