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craig and i took ella out to dinner tonight...well, we took ourselves out to dinner with ella as the table centerpiece. whenever i put ella on the table in her little carseat i say "this is what all the fancy french restaurants are using as centerpieces right now". i crack myself up.

i noticed some spitballs on the lighting fixtures of the place we were eating (it's a perfectly fine place to eat, someone just let their kids whiz off a couple of spitballs) and we started talking about funny stuff from our days of yore. craig had some whoppers, mostly about other kids. one of his friends in fifth grade removed the soap dispenser from the wall of the boys bathroom and PEED IN IT in the hopes that mr. carbano would come in and wash his hands in pee. this same friend also packed a snowball in mr. carbano's car muffler. apparently, mr. carbano wore a brown suit every day and this did not bode well with his students and therefore, he paid the price. (poor mr. carbano.) craig also had story about being hauled into the principal's office by his bus driver who wrongly accused craig of writing on a bus seat. when craig denied it, the bus driver said "what? did a ghost do it?" in this really funny voice that craig says he had (the driver's name was clipper stone and he claimed he went to yale. does yale have a bus driver program?) the great thing is that craig replied "yes. a ghost did it."

i told a story about how i felt really sick in fourth grade and a teacher was walking me to the nurse's office when the principal approached us and said, sympathetically, "well, what seems to be wrong with this young lady?" at which point i threw up on the man's shoes. the next year, i threw up in my classroom at the end of the day and the girl sitting next to me started laughing because she thought i was pouring out my orange juice from lunch. ick.

my all time favorite story from craig's childhood is when he was bumming around with two of his best friends in grade school and they met the boy that would become another one of their best friends and craig asked him "do you like girls?" to which his friend replied "yes". then craig nodded approvingly and said "you're one of us". is that not the sweetest thing ever?

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