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the sweet little smoochy bear is five months old today. five months is OLD. she is totally enamored of the boys she knows- her dad, grandpas and uncle jim and uncle gary. she loves the grandmas, too. she's memsmerized by the dogs she knows - mattie, ruby and riley. i imagine she thinks "those things are almost as small as me but why are they so furry?". the mama she'll take in a pinch but i guess it's because she sees me everyday that i'm a little bit old news at five months. i think we gots some toofies coming in soon. we're just days away from sitting up on our own. once a day we eat some awesome babyfood like apples, bananas, sweet potatos and pears. isn't it funny that because i hate peas, i won't give ella peas?

all in all, we are continuing on the track of raising a lovely, beautiful, smart and funny daughter. i have been reading all i can about hurricane katrina and the mess in new orleans (one of my favorite favorite cities). since we don't have cable, i use the new york times to catch up on images from the destruction and can hardly believe my eyes. every time i read about a lost child, or someone who lost everything and is in a shelter with their baby (i saw a photo of one woman with a nine week old baby at the superdome), i hold ella just a little tighter.

we do this really fun thing before ella goes to bed called "naked time" in which i lay a towel on my bed and strip her down and let her just be nekkid as a jaybird for a little while and she. loves. it. she goes totally berserk even if only moments before she was half-asleep. it must be liberating to have that stupid diaper off and just start scooting around a big bed. my mom happened to be over twice this weekend for naked time and she was laughing so hard at ella she was crying. and then ella peed on the bed and that made her laugh even more. i wish potty training was on the horizon but i have quite aways to go.

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