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brownies, giant babies, checking accounts & water parks  
i love brownies. i grew up eating your basic run-of-the-mill betty crocker mix brownies. my brother gary has always maintained that brownies and apple juice are the perfect snack match. a while back i got an issue of cook's illustrated magazine which included a recipe for homemade brownies and also critiqued box mixes. they totally panned all the betty crocker, duncan hines, etc. mixes and they only one they called "passable" was ghirardelli. i tried the ghirardelli mix this week and i thought it stunk. they were like a cross between wet brownies and dry fudge. yuck. i've tried a few homemade recipes before and for all the work that goes into them, i think a good old box of betty crocker is just as good. i do have one more recipe i'd like to try - it's barefoot contessa's "outrageous brownies" and one of the key ingredients is a pound of butter. yowzer.

my baby is a giant. at her four month appointment last week she weighed 16.5 pounds and measured 26.5 inches tall. that is HUGE for a four month old. the doctor said she is really the size of a small eight month old. most likely she will even out when she reaches about two years of age. or she'll be that girl in high school that was freakishly tall and couldn't find a boyfriend taller than her. like nicole kidman and tom cruise.

i am officially a housewife. craig and i went to the bank and merged our accounts since i'm not bringing home any bacon anytime soon. we've been married five years and have always had separate accounts - is that weird? he was in charge of the saving and i was in charge of the spending - bills, rent, groceries, what have you. so now, only one account. maybe i'll really make the jump to 1950 and ask for an allowance.

i hate water fun parks. they gross me out to no end. the water is always warm and stinky and you KNOW it's 70% pee and 20% poop with only 10% being actual chlorinated water. i went to them as a kid but i always thought "hmm - this isn't really all that fun plus, it's stinky". anyway, craig sent me an article about a waterpark in rochester, ny where 3100 people got sick from some gross bacteria in the water causing gastrointestinal illness. ewwww. the kicker is that the place is called "sprayground" and all i could think of was poopy water being sprayed all over everyone. water parks - ick!

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