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ella is 8 months old today. that also means 8 months of my scientific experiment titled "how long can a person stay sane while only sleeping in three hour chunks a night?". it's a very tough experiment but someone has got to bring this information to the new world.*

ella has become a cute little parrot. she waves when you wave to her. she'll cluck her tongue when you cluck yours. if you cough she lets out a little cough. if you laugh, she does this wonderful fake laugh to let you know that she too gets the joke. she doesn't smile too readily, especially for strangers, but when she does get her smile on, her whole little face is transformed into this ray of sunshine. she is my sunshine, if i can be a little corny for a moment.

god help you if you take out the bag of goldfish crackers or the box of graham crackers and don't give her one - you will incur a wrath like no other. equally, if you're looking for something in the fridge and she's on your hip and she spies the yo'baby yogurt on the second shelf - well, just cancel your plans for the next 15 minutes because she's gotta get her yogurt fix. the kid is hooked.

there are things i'd never thought that i would say or do and i find myself saying and doing them. i'd never thought i'd be that person that introduces their kid to people with "say hi!" full well knowing that your child cannot talk. she's not going to say hi. so stop saying "say hi!". i'd never thought my house would look like a daycare yet, it does - toys and cheerios and sesame street from one end to the other. i never thought i'd stop caring about having bits of food and spit on my clothes and yet, i did stop caring. unless i'm leaving the house, the goldfish cracker residue will remain on my shoulder all day. if i change, i'll only dirty another shirt. i also never talked about sleep (my lack of) and poop (ella's supply of) so much in my life. i've become a wee bit boring to talk to. ah, well.

*the ella experiment is sponsored in part by star*bucks decaf gingerbread latte, lots of chocolates and the number 3.

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