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long story short  
i met up with nate (river rat) and his babe adam on monday for a fun lunch where we laughed at our cute cute babies. not only did nate buy me lunch but adam bought this very cool book for ella! yahoo for adam!

i brought nate a plate of homemade cookies - choco-chip (of course), mexican wedding cakes (my mom's fav), peanut butter blossoms (you know, the ones with the hershey kisses on them) and cut-out stars with sprinkles. i'm such a domestic goddess that i even gave cookies to our mail carrier. ultimate cheez. i'm afraid that the cut-out cookies i make are really an acquired taste that only my family loves so maybe i'll have to skip those next year. they're very plain and biscuity. ah, well.

as a rule i don't really love soda. water is usually what i reach for when i need to cool beverage BUT, i am in love with vanilla coke and have been for quite some time now. of course, coke has gone ahead and decided to stop making it at the end of this year so they can introduce black cherry vanilla coke. ew. so i bought two twelve packs of VC and am going to ration it out for as long as i can. like two sips a day. that should last for a while. i can always go throw a splash of vanilla rum into a regular coke on special occasions. yum.

here are three semi-vegetarian recipes you HAVE to try: buy some morningstar farms spicy black bean patties. heat them in the microwave and then chop them up. serve in tortillas with shredded cheese, rice, quacamole, salsa, sour cream and refried beans (yes, MORE beans) - soooo good. recipe two: buy morningstar farms sausage patties and heat in skillet. fry up an egg (just one, you don't need more than that) and put sausage, egg, and maybe some cheese on an english muffin - ta-da, fake mcmuffin. sooooo good. okay, recipe three: take a boca burger and grill it on the grilly. throw some cheese on that sucker too. then top with bbq sauce and place on bun with lettuce and tomato. soooo good. we've been eating a lot of fake meat lately.

and now, to drink: paula deen's hot chocolate. so easy and so good and wayyy better than powdered hot chocolate (unless you can get cadbury hot choco packets). use fat free sweetened condensed milk - you won't even know the diff. you can keep it in the fridge in a plastic drink container and shake it shake it shake it before you heat in the microwave. top with whipped cream, doncha know? (ella very quickly learned how delish spray whipped cream is - she gets a few dollaps from my hot chocolate and is in heaven.)

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