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today we are nine months  

all the books and magazines say "at nine months, your baby has spent as much time outside your body as she did inside". just thought i'd go ahead and mention that. i am sure ella is having a faaaaar better time outside my body. for one thing, there's chicken nuggets outside my body and annie's macaroni and cheese and kashi mighty bites (somehow the kashi and annie's is negating the junk foodness that is a chicken nugget). ella's one greatest passion is doing what you see her doing in the photo above: standing. standing all day long. she gets really brave from time to time and lets go and for about three seconds and she stands all by herself. then it's "tiiiiimmmmber!". i cried the first time i saw that she had a little bruise from falling. i've got to toughen up! anyway, i am almost sure that she'd sleep through the night if only she could do so standing up. hum.

ella is modeling her jennifer aniston pants. i feel like every photo i ever see of J.A. she's wearing some sort of olive colored cargo pant so that's what i call cargo pants. i think ella and J.A. are the same size too. ella no longers eats baby food. she's "table scraps" all the way. i feed her deconstructed soups - where i drain the liquid and give her all the mushy veggies and noodles. she loves toast and pears and peaches. this week she learned to drink from a juice box and it's the sweetest thing ever to see this tiny baby drinking from a juice box.

and last but not least, we have two teeth! the sweetest, whitest little bottom front teeth in the world. and they're razor sharp. her new nickname is "toofy toofy toofy".

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