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› Sunday 1/8/2006
Solstice:  Love
State Lines:  calling back
› Monday 1/9/2006
Post-Modern Drunkard:  Single Serving Friends
Tropical Depression:  A poem for 2k6
Honky Cracker:  This Could Be A Really Nice Little Date
Art Colony:  I'm back!
Solstice:  Moi? C'est Insane.
Robot Journal:  Out of Context SMS - Volume I
Nutshell Kingdom:  Cultural Exchange
Nutshell Kingdom:  Charity
Solstice:  Why Stop Now?
Pony:  Skating on Sunday
› Tuesday 1/10/2006
Post-Modern Drunkard:  Tuesday is the New Friday Random Ten (1/6/06)
Tropical Depression:  Young wines
Sunshine Jen:  On the happy rabbit
Art Colony:  the virtues of annoying songs
Nutshell Kingdom:  Shalimar
Pony:  An interview with my new co-worker, chris
State Lines:  changes
Solstice:  Heart and Solitary Killing Sprees
› Wednesday 1/11/2006
Post-Modern Drunkard:  Internal Dialogue
Cootie Girl:  1:15 drunk on a Tuesday night ...
Lisa Says:  health insurance woes
Honky Cracker:  Even Rock Stars Need to Sleep: The Comin' Home From the Show Not-So-Random Ten
Art Colony:  my new hairstylist friend
Road Dust:  All of My Life is a Memoir
Nutshell Kingdom:  Nachul-born Easman
› Thursday 1/12/2006
Lisa Says:  today we are nine months
Film and Television Rights:  Begging the Question
elanamatic:  Chanukah Family Misson 2005
Solstice:  The Man Who Will Save Africa
› Friday 1/13/2006
Post-Modern Drunkard:  Robots Who Are Happy Not-So-Random Ten (1/13/06)
Pony:  The 30 Hottttest things you can say to a naked woman
Robot Journal:  Daddy's Gurl 4 Ever
Art Colony:  what is sexy?
Honky Cracker:  I Am The Sex
Film and Television Rights:  Top Sexy Aspects of Sexy John Ball finds Sexy
Nutshell Kingdom:  Worse Things You Might Say to a Naked Woman
Tropical Depression:  Sexy circa 1989
› Saturday 1/14/2006
Solstice:  Obfuscate