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book deals abound  
is it just me or does it seems like lots of blogs are getting book deals? i wish it would happen for some robots, too! (not that i have a book to shop around but i'm wishing someone would offer me a book deal to write about ella's first teeth and my health insurance woes.) anywho, the ones i know of are chocolate and zucchini, which i can't wait for because she really has a lovely blog and i know her book is going to be chock full of great recipes; the amatuer gourmet got a book deal and i'll have to see where he goes with his book - i don't know how interested i'll be in it since i'm not sure how different it will be from his blog; the julie/julia project got a book deal (was she the first of the blogs to land a book deal? maybe.) and i got the book as a gift from my friend lisa for xmas!; greek tragedy has a book coming out that i believe has nothing to do with her blog - i think it's a book about her time at fat camp as a child - although, from the looks of her photographs i have such a hard time believing she was ever at fat camp. and finally, i read recently that dooce (i'm not even going to link to dooce, because if you don't have it bookmarked by now and read it religiously, i'm giving up on you) is going to have some big news to share and i'm assuming it's going to be a book deal. or maybe a tv deal. or maybe something else entirely.

i think it's funny that people spend all this time writing on the web, yet books are being published about the stuff they're writing about on the web. wow. that sentence gave me a headache.

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