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a million little dollars  
just thought i'd add in my two cents on the whole james frey thing since it's an irresistable train wreck. i've read plenty of memoirs in my day and i always take them with a grain of salt since it's so hard to believe that authors can remember so many details of their lives. like WHOLE conversations. road dust mentioned "the glass castle" in her excellent james frey piece and that is one recent memoir that i've read where i truly thought that some artistic liberties must have been used because so many parts of the book worked out so perfectly storybook-like. it has seemed to me to be a bit of a witch hunt where frey is concerned - what's the big deal? jayson blair made up stuff for the freakin' NY times for YEARS and no one made this much fuss. i thought oprah's teary eyes were a little too much - she's rich enough, can't she pay someone to be embarrassed for her? i mean, aside from "embellishing" his jail time and changing some distinguising characteristics (doesn't eveyone do that in memoirs?) people still ate the book up (i hated the book for the exact reasons road dust pointed out - crappy writing and annoying style). doubleday editors are patting themselves on their rich, fois gras fed asses for sigining on frey for his book alone has added several wings to their east hampton summer homes. his book is still number 4 on amazon and they're printing more copies because it's in high demand. you can't BUY this kind of publicity! he made oprah cry! let's all buy his book! (i got the damn thing out of the library - you think i can afford to buy books when i have to buy diapers?)

i do feel sorry for frey. i really do. he should fire what ever PR firm is representing him because they did a crappy job preparing him for his larry king appearance and for his oprah appearance. first, james, for christ's sake, SHAVE. secondly, BURN that wussy, pale-blue button down. thirdly, lose the lisp. and fourthly, why don't you point out that you were a DRUNK and a DRUG ADDICT and why does anyone believe what you say anyway?

all that being said, how'd they get all those millions of little sprinkles to stick on that hand?

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