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children's teevee and two guilty pleasures  
i'll just come right out and say it so you can poo-poo me all day long: i let my kid watch teevee. not 12 hours a day but a little bit here and there. so now you know that i don't spend every waking minute interacting with her and teaching her bi-lingual math, go call social services. i'll wait.

we watch a little montage of stuff in the morning while she has her bottle and we wake up for the day, from about 6:40-7am. disney has this really cute show called "breakfast with bear" in which this giant bear visits kids at their homes each morning and they do the "morning mambo", and they eat a healthy breakfast and then they get ready. it's totally unscripted except for the songs and the kids are total tools sometimes. the other morning bear asked this kid what the most important meal of the day was and the kid yelled out "spinach!". you know his mother was off-camera just shaking her head and hoping none of the private school she's applied to were watching. "breakfast with bear" is intermingled with "charlie and lola" which is a cute 5 or 6 minute show based upon a children's book series. and then there's "this is daniel cook" which is another 5 or 6 minute show that revolves around this boy named daniel who does something different each show - goes to the zoo, learns how to build a sidewalk, does gymnastics. it takes place in toronto and is just the sweetest show. the best episode was where he learned break dancing. it was the funniest thing.

of course, we often watch some of sesame street (we don't usually watch the whole thing because it's a whole hour!) where i try to grapple with the fact that big bird's voice is different than it was when i was growing up. that all the people on the show are old and what is UP with elmo's voice? it drives me to drink (which is a very short drive.) ella seems to love his voice which i guess is universal with kids.

i have two new teevee guilty pleasures. one is a show on disney. it's called "that's so raven". i know, the fact that i love "gilmore girls" and am now admitting that i like to watch "that's so raven" may be too much to handle. i understand. anyway, "raven" is raven simone, who we all know as that adorable little twerp from the cosby show, olivia. remember how cute and tiny and funny she was? well, now she's all growns up and has a very funny show on disney. she's in high school and of course, it's just mad cap each and every show with silly plots abound but it's SO FUNNY. there's only one little cheese part - she can "see into the future" and so periodically in the show we zoom into her EYE and see the future and usually she misinterprets the vision leading to more mad capness. you will laugh if you watch it, i swear you will.

my other guilty pleasure and i only watch it if i happen to just flip through the channels and see that it's on is: "there and back" on mtv about the struggles of a has-been o-town singer named ashley parker angel (click to visit his totally rockin', totally teen angst web site). mostly i'm entralled with his name. and that he was in o-town. it's cheezy and he's dating some ex-model that he knocked up and i enjoy watching young, struggling parents (although, her mother lives with them so they have a built in nanny). an episode last weekend had them out partying till all hours and then the mom woke them up at 6:30am to take care of the baby. i loved it. i'm sooooo buying his cd when he finally lands a gig! (i kid, i kid!)

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