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i took the plunge and furthered my domesticity by purchasing a dust buster yesterday. i also realized i am totally turning into my dad. my family used to joke that my dad walked around the house when i was growing up with the dust buster attached to a holster at his side. nary a crumb missed his scrutiny. my house is mess and i can never seem to keep it as clean as my dad kept ours. of course, he had three kids helping him. is it unusual for the daughter to turn into her dad? are there any sons out there turning into their mothers?

in a follow up to my children's teevee post, here are somethings i don't let ella watch: the doodlebops who i find to be creepy and weird-looking; lazytown which i believe is an icelandic creation with these strange wax-faced adults in creepy leotards milling around with these strange clay/muppet kids and one real kid with a strange pink wig - it all makes me very uncomfortable; and finally, i never let her watch dog, bounty hunter because despite her obsession with dogs (and cats), this is one dog she doesn't need to ever see. (she does like these dogs.)

yesterday i took ella out to lunch and after, as i backed out of my parking space and pulled forward a little about five people all waved their hands to tell me to stop and at the same time i remembered i left my drink on top of the car. never was there so much effort put forth to save a cup of sweet tea. with lemon!

after ella's nap yesterday we were outside walking around when i heard some crashing through the woods next to my house and duke, a great dane from the next street over came bounding up to us apparently taking himself for a walk. ella was screeching like her future 12 year old's dream of a pony had come true. i scooped up ella and tried to finangle duke into my garage to call his owners but he wasn't having it. plus, he's so big he almost dragged me to the ground. so off he went, in the direction of his house, leaving me with a puzzled 11 month old as to what the hell that thing was. those things are HUGE!

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