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going postal  
this week i framed a sheet of these favorite children's book stamps recently issued by the post office. they're so darling. a few years ago i framed a sheet of state bird & flower stamps (scroll to the middle) that my grandpa gave me back when stamps were 20 cents (1982, some quick research has told me). also, in 2002, the postal service issued a sheet of "greetings from america" stamps that i framed to hang with the bird & flower stamps. did you know i was the biggest closeted stamp collector ever?

back when i was in college, i was in love with a boy who's name escapes me because we just called him "the post man". he was always wearing this u.s. postal service baseball hat. either his dad worked for the postal service or he liked cliff from "cheers". i never found out. he drove a motorcycle and he had the nicest hair - i don't know why he always covered it up with his hat. ho hum.

in my last post i wrote about the phenomenon of flashing one's lights when the po-po is approaching. here's another phenom: in my neighborhood people don't walk to the end of the driveway and get their mail. they either stop and get out and get it as they drive into the driveway or they drive reeeeeeal close to the mailbox and lean out of their window to get it. now here's the thing - no driveway in my subdivision is over 50 feet long. FIFTY FEET! we're not talking miles here. we're not even talking two minutes up and down the driveway. i just don't get it. it seems to me to be more work to pull a little ways into the driveway, stop, get out, get the mail, get back into the car and pull up the rest of the way only to get out again! someone. help. me. on my 45 minute walk around the 'hood the other day i saw four people do the stop-get out-get mail-drive routine. it's true what val kilmer sings - people ARE strange.

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