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chicken juice tales  
ernesto is on his way to virginia. we got lots of rain (which is good good good for my yard) and some high winds but despite the local news' desire for more, that was it. we have a mall here that gets flooded easily whenever there's a heavy rain so the news was all over the mall like people were supposed to be down on their knees, clasping their hands to the heavens and shouting "lawd!, oh lawd! not the defenseless gap flare curvy cords!". oh lawd is right.
i roasted a chicken yesterday and it was not good. it was perdue brand and was very greasy. plus, when preparing to roast a chicken one just knows that there is chicken juice all over the place. it just grossed me out. i mean i know there's no possible way that chicken juice got into the basket of the coffee maker but i couldn't get it out of my head that i was brewing up a cup of warm chicken bacteria this morning. i cloroxed the hell out of the kitchen and stopped just short of it looking like michael jackson's face - that's how much bleach i used. guess i'll stick with buying the rotisserie chicken from the grocery store.
there is a show on what must be a public access channel here in nc and it's hard not to watch it. it's called bargain market tv and this is how it works: there's a woman taking phones calls from people wanting to sell stuff. so the person tells her what they're selling - "i'm a gots a "gone with the wind" VHS tape for $8, three hubcaps for $11 and i have a brand new, still in the box rotary phone that i'm willing to let go for $5" - and the woman diligently writes it down and then she says "well, caller 8 has a "gone with the wind" VHS tape for $8...." and then proceeds to read back everything the damn caller just said! it's unbelievable and classic local tv! these are folks that have no idea of craigslist or ebay. a favorite line of the callers is "i'm willing to let it go for..." - like you should REALLY be paying them $15 bucks for that used iron but they're willing to let it go for $3. plus, anyone can call. last week i happened upon the channel and the lady took this call and the guy was like "woooo-hooooo! melissa! it's j.d and wees went to high school together! hooooo! you lookin' good, girl!" and she played it all i'm-going-to-be-a-news-caster-one-day cool and said thank you and hung up. bargain market tv. must see tv for sure.
occasionally when i'm washing dishes or putting some laundry into the dryer, ella will be playing on her own and then just disappear. it will take only a few minutes for me to realize that an eerie silence has blanketed the house and i start saying "elllllla? where are you?" even though i know where she is. she's sending emails and updating her blog and working on her stay-at-home-mom exposť (along with one of her partners in crime, mr. bun):

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