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the lost art of refried beans  
i made refried beans today. from scratch. they are good. i followed this recipe from this very good and fun to read foodie site. one suggestion i have is to use a whole onion (not just a wimpy 1/2 cup) and save some of the cooking liquid to add back to the mushed up beans. the cooking liquid is just too rich and delish to throw away. farty good times!


craig made the mistake of renting the first disc of the first season of "lost" and now we're hooked. yes it's good writing. yes it's a compelling story but mostly WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? since it would easily cost the GNP of a small country to rent all seven discs of both the first and second season (not to mention take us like a year to watch them all), i think we might cheat and read the summaries online and catch the second season finale this monday and then be all ready for the third season. it's not the official way to watch a series but it's the only way to get some freakin' answers.


ella smarty-toots is saying a new word pretty much everyday. today it was "shirt". she says "peet-pa" for pizza (which is strange because she doesn't even like pizza) and "kook-keeeeee" for cookies with a heavy stress on the ks in the word (and when you ask what cookie monster says, she pretends to gobble a cookie). plus a whole other selection of words - like octopus and goat. it's strange what she latches on to as far as language is concerned. she has been "reading" to us lately and it's sooooo sweet. she'll get to a part that she remembers in whatever book she's reading and will say just one word on the page - like in "the pigeon has feelings, too!" she'll get to the part where the pigeon says "happy, happy, happppppyyyyyyyyy" and she'll say "happy". of course, if you visited us she wouldn't say or do anything i'm telling you she does as she has stage fright.


ella and i are headed to connecticut soon to see craig's parents. i am going to go to my friend faith's wedding as well. craig will be all by his lonesome so if you're up for 6 days of fast food binging, you should call him.


good movies i've seen the past few months: in her shoes, inside man, flightplan, north country, matador, murderball, just like heaven, transamerica, v for vendetta and syriana. crappy movies i've seen include: the family stone, elizabethtown, and history of violence.

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