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trader joe's and the rest of my life  
--we gots ourselves a trader joe's now in cary. whoo hooo. i was able to get in on tuesday morning (the weekends have been insane) and i stocked up on all my trader joe favs like the salsa verde (so good i want to do shots of it) and masala simmer sauce and mini peanut butter cups and frozen jasmine and brown rice. i'm already making a list of stuff i need on my next trip. why is trader joes so freakin' good? do you have any favorites that i should know about?

-- the oldest of my dear, sweet younger brothers done got himself hitched this past weekend. he and his bride are currently honeymooning in st. lucia. lucky. the wedding was perfect and wonderful. i had the honor of reading the traditional irish blessing. wait - did i say "read"? i meant "sob uncontrollably". the only way you would know it was the traditional irish blessing was if you looked at the wedding program and saw that's what i was crying about. i really was bawling my eyes out. what can i say - i'm a a big sister and i'm a sap. i also boogied my butt off. little known fact: i love the electric slide - since i'm such a white girl dancer, the electric slide makes me feel like i have some dance moves. sorta, anyway.

--ella and i had adam (of river rat fame) all to ourselves all day on wednesday and the three of us had so much fun. for some reason, both morning and afternoon snack was held under our kitchen table and i'm pretty sure there's nothing cuter than two toddlers sharing goldfish crackers under a tiny antique table:

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