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Friday Random..oh, forget it  
since i am the only soul on earth who doesn't have an ipod - except babies who haven't even been born yet - i can't participate in the friday random ten.

but i can tell you about some cool kid's music i've been listening to.

you should not pass up sing-a-longs & lullabies for the film curious george by jack johnson as it is sweet and fun and so easy to listen to, plus it is one of ella's favs. it has "we're going to be friends" on it which you may remember from "napoleon dynamite" as sung by the white stripes.

another fav is "for our children", which sadly seems to be out of print and only available for $40+. it's a great cd with bob dylan singing "this old man" and little freakin' richard singing "itsy bitsy spider". our family likes to rock out to a cool instrumental by sir elton john. craig and ella break dance to it.

a recent one that ella has been going totally bonkers for is "choo choo soul" by genevieve goings. you may have seen her video clips on playhouse disney - she unfortunately has to wear a rather un-cool train conductor's uniform on teevee. the music is all dance and funky with abc and 123 and animal sounds but it still makes you feel kinda cool. ella jumps and hops like the white girl she is. it's a sight. this is also a cd out of print that i had to download (legally, for a price) from, of all places, wal-mart music downloads. (it's available on itunes too)

finally, anything by dan zanes is a must. we have "rocket ship beach" which has the awesome "erie canal" song that i learned as a kid growing up near the erie canal. i'm pining for "catch that train" which has natalie merchant singing on it. also, i spend a lot of time walking around the house declaring "dan zanes is hot!". it's annoying, but i can't help it - it's the wacky hair. and the gee-tar. gets me everytime.

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