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welcome welcome 2007  
ah, yes. another holiday season behind us. i was at target the day after christmas and they had valentine's candy out already. freaked me out.

christmas was good to us. ella got lots of fun stuff - a cabbage patch kid (which has the same exact baby powder smell as the original dolls from 20 years ago), light-up elmo shoes, a doll house and a kitchen set. i was inaugurated into official parenthood when i put the kitchen set together christmas night - it came in about 4000 pieces and took over two hours but now ella is a cooking fool making stuff like eggs, bacon and something she calls "cereal and syrup". deeeee-lish.

my sweet brother jim (ella calls him "jib") got engaged to his sara so we're looking foward to another may family wedding sometime this fall in the chilly state of minnesota (that's where sara lives and where jib is moving). we celebrated by going to the melting pot (a super fun fondue restaurant) for new year's eve and my brother gary and his wife treated all of us to very expensive champagne, gold teeth not included.

sadly, our little family has been racked by illness. ella was sick with a cold and fever on christmas and then i got sick (i'm still stuffed up) and craig is currently sick. also, craig had some skin cancer removed from his back. what am i trying to say? use anti-bacterial gel AND sunscreen whenever you can in 2007!

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