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clothes woes  
i went to the mall last night - without husband or daughter - to spend some christmas money on much-needed clothes and struck out on all accounts. i often am amazed that i even have the clothes on my back since i never seem to find anything on shopping expeditions.

i thought i'd hit up an old standby - victoria's secret - for some new bras but when i got there they were having their hideous semi-annual sale whereby they dump all old bras in bins and everyone paws through them. i don't care if they are half off - i hate bin shopping. plus, only the teeny tiny boobie sizes were left anyway. so then i went to the gap which makes me weep - used to be you could go get a crisp, white cotton button down and a nice rib-knit turtleneck and your winter wardrobe would be complete. now the only thing you can get is crap like this - i swear i owned something like this 20 years ago and it was a beach cover-up. it's now a tunic, apparently. (although, i did notice that online you can get wayyyy cuter things than they had in the store.) can't shop at j. crew because their size large is really a size small - their clothes are the tiniest things ever. i won't buy anything but jeans (and clothes for ella) at old navy anymore because it seems that most of their clothes are designed to disintegrate after two wearings/washings. i think they should sell their tee-shirts in kleenex boxes because really, you wear one and then toss it out. i did find some funky uggs on sale at a shoe super store. i got the sand (tan) color. they're great because they're warm and i don't have to wear socks. i hate socks. if i had my way, i'd shop at places like garnet hill and boden and, blast from the past, esprit (i recently found a chic down jacket by esprit at t.j. maxx for super cheap and i love it).

where do YOU shop?

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