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-ella and i had a big outing yesterday: lunch at jesus' favorite fast food place chick-fil-a. it's so wholesome that i'm hooked. we have a new one in the town next to us and it's so clean and has a great indoor playground and all the boys they have working there are nick lachey look-alikes that i can't resist. and the christian rock music is, um, rockin' and everyone is SO nice that you know it must be the 100% jesus crumbs they coat the chicken in. anywho, ella played for 45 whole minutes on the playground, running around like a pre-chick-fil-a'ed chicken with its head cut off. for a brief moment i couldn't see her all tucked away in the plastic bowels of the tube slide and then i heard this tiny voice singing "ah-board choo choo train! ah-board choo choo train!" - her favorite new song called "all aboard the choo-choo train". thank ya jesus crumbs.

-my daily exercise of power walking ella and mattie around our neighborhood has been abandoned since my kid no longer likes the stroller and wants to walk. can't be too annoyed because i love for her to get the exercise, so lately we head out to walk a few blocks up the street. one of our neighbors has a cat named tom and tom likes to walk with us. ella thinks tom likes her -"walk a me, tom! walk a me, tom" she demands - but tom is blatantly in love with mattie. he is the only cat to have walked underneath mattie's sagging guts and lived to tell (most other cats are growled at before they even get within 10 feet). apparently, mattie loves tom too. more likely, mattie is so traumatized by the indignities she suffers at the hands of toddlers that a cat doesn't even phase her. and plus, his name is tom cat.

-while at the "restaurant" yesterday, an impeccably groomed mother was in the play area with her son and her son said "poopie" to something. she immediately admonished him by saying "we don't use that word!". i stared in disbelief and wanted to say "really? you don't say poopie? because that's ALL we say around our house!" i decided against inviting her over for coffee. half the fun of having kids is saying poopie! duh!

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